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John D.

Jaydees Alcohol Policy


Alcoholic Drinks:

Aims and Objectives:


The aim of this policy is to ensure that all club members, owners, event organisers and helpers are kept safe from alcohol-related harm when involved in club activities.


Our objectives are…


1.       To develop a consistent approach to alcohol-related issues to be adopted by all

         club members.


2.      To develop procedures and protocols that address alcohol-related issues in the



3.      To establish clear procedures for managing specific incidents of suspected

         alcohol misuse.


Event Organizers who serve alcohol at any of our events take on a great responsibility. Not only must they follow the law, they must also take appropriate precautions to ensure that no one drinks enough to bring harm to themselves or to others. Only moderate consumption of alcohol may take place at events using Jaydees facilities or supported by Jaydees their staff, helpers and organisers.


You are welcome to bring your own alcohol, but we do not encourage drinking alcohol in excess at any of our events. We provide free of charge coca-cola, lemonade and water, please ask and always drink responsibly.


We ask you to deposit your drinks with the bar staff who will allocate a numbered pigeon hole to you..


The bar on a Saturday evening will be manned until 3am, at this time an announcement will be made over the PA system, asking you to come and collect your alcohol.

Jaydees and their event organisers will accept no responsibility for any alcohol left here after this announcement. We do not encourage guests to consume alcohol that has been left unattended after this time. On other nights the announcement may be made earlier.


Any person seen to be tampering with another’s alcohol will be reported to the police, asked to leave and banned from returning, in exceptional circumstances the perpetrators details may be passed on to other lifestyle clubs within our areas. The safety of our guests is paramount.


We thoroughly discourage drinking and driving.


Alcohol related issues:


Good effects of alcohol:


Small amounts of alcohol oil the social wheels and reduce shyness – thereby making it easier for people to meet up. It also helps a lot of men and women to relax and chat easily with each other.


Similarly, a little wine or a cocktail will often make a person feel romantic – or perhaps less 'uptight' about sexual overtures.


Also, a very small 'dose' of alcohol can extend the time that a nervous young man takes before he climaxes – thus combating any slight tendency to come too soon or experience mild premature ejaculation (PE). However, alcohol is definitely not a treatment for this condition.


Bad effects of alcohol:


Unfortunately, the list of 'bad' effects of alcohol is much longer!


Alcohol makes people far more likely to have unwise sex with the wrong person – and therefore to get pregnant, to catch infections, and to embark on affairs that cause marriage break-ups. In fact, booze is the main reason why in 2011, there is a massive demand for the so-called ‘morning-after pill’ (the emergency contraceptive) on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.


Alcohol makes people fuddled, so that they don’t take proper contraceptive precautions.


Alcohol is a major cause of impotence (erectile dysfunction). A lot of younger males don't realise this because they think that booze boosts 'horniness'. But as Shakespeare says in the Scottish play: 'It increases the desire, but it takes away the performance.'


A lot of men who are hooked on alcohol develop permanent 'Brewer's droop' – and often loss of interest in sex as well.


We do not yet know if excessive alcohol use can cause female sexual problems, but on the basis of probabilities it does seem likely that some cases of diminished libido are due to excessive alcohol consumption.


Whilst we allow the consumption of your own Alcohol, we will not tolerate obnoxious or inconsiderate behaviour, by intoxicated persons.


If our Staff feel you have had enough to drink you will be refused further alcohol, solely at our discretion, which is final.


If you disagree with our actions you will be given back your Remaining Alcohol and asked to leave.


Any report of abuse, inconsiderate behaviour, sexual harassment or similar behaviour needs to reported immediately to a member of staff, where a full investigation will be carried out. Any member found to be at fault will be asked to leave the club immediately; their membership suspended pending an investigation and could be subsequently banned for life from the club.


Any breach of the law will be reported to the police. The owners, management and event organisers will comply and assist the police in any investigation they deem fit.


The management will not tolerate any abuse or violence to their staff or guests and any damage to property may result in a private prosecution to seek costs and compensation.