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Jaydees Complaints Policy



Aims and Objectives:


The aim of this policy is to ensure that all club members, owners, event organisers and helpers details are kept safe and secure when involved in club activities and that any complaints are dealt with promptly.


Our objectives are…


1.    To develop a consistent approach in dealing with any complaints arising in the club.


2.    To establish clear procedures and protocols so that only names and addresses

      that identifies any complainants, members or owners, management or event

      organisers involved in the complaints are used in any written statements .


3.   To provide a verbal or written responses within 14 days of any complaint received

      in writing.


Jaydees Complaints Policy:



We take any complaints very seriously; we hope to make you feel comfortable in your surroundings and around fellow guests.


There will be times where all parties here do not see eye to eye and we may receive a complaint verbally or in writing thereafter.


We will do our upmost to sort out any complaints there and then whilst all persons are present if it involves other members, or staff.


Sexual Harassment:


Unwelcome sexual advances will not be tolerated at Jaydees, we will endeavour to get to the bottom of any such complaints immediately. If the complaints warrant further investigation then we will ask all parties if they will accept this and that all parties will cooperate in an internal investigation.


In such cases the matter can be turned over to the police if either party disagree with accepting those conditions.


Any allegations of rape will be investigated internally and if found to hold any substance the matter will be handed over to the police, if the allegations appear to be unfounded, if any of the parties feel that the decision is wrong, again the matter will be handed over to the police.


All information, statements and findings during our internal investigation will be handed over to the police as requested.


The Venue:


If the complaint is regarding the venue and can be corrected there and then it will be, if there is an underlying reason for the complaint not to be dealt on that basis, we will deal with your issues as soon as reasonably possible.


We will inform you of our findings and explain what we have done to rectify your complaint.


Damage or Loss:


Whilst we do our upmost to look after our guest’s possessions and property, Jaydees takes NO responsibility for any loss or damage to your property in any form whilst using our facilities.


Car Parking:


Cars are parked here at the owners own risk, NO responsibility can be taken for damage to any vehicles or loss of contents whilst using our facilities.








Dated 17/05/2014


John D.