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Jaydees Drugs Policy



Aims and Objectives:


The aim of this policy is to ensure that all club members, owners, event organisers and helpers are safeguarded against the use or possession of drugs when involved in club activities.


Our objectives are…


1.    To develop a consistent approach to possession and prevention of drugs    

       within the club.


2.    To establish clear procedures and protocols that addresses and identifies

      members use and possession of drugs in the club if this arises.


3.    To prevent and discourage drugs and to hold a zero tolerance policy on those

       using or carrying drugs within the club.


Entering the club:


If you are suspected or reported to be in possession of drugs Jaydees have the right to search anyone entering their premises, and must provide searchers of both sexes. We can refuse entry to anyone who refuses a search and can only insist on searching outside clothes, pockets or bags.


We must conduct the search in a decent manner and with respect to the individual. We cannot insist on a more intimate search without your permission. Legally, we can only conduct strip searches and searches inside clothes with your permission in private with an independent witness.


Only the police or customs and excise officials are empowered to search you without agreement. - If a door supervisor or member of staff searches inside your clothes or performs a strip search without your permission they may be charged with assault.

If we request a more formal search we will ask you to sign a declaration to say you give consent, this will be witnessed at the time, again refusal could amount to having your membership suspended, pending an investigation and subsequently be banned from Jaydees for life.  


Inside the Club:


Some lifestyle clubs are renowned for having a 'blind-eye' approach to soft drug taking. Remember, Jaydees does NOT, even if you're only smoking a “spliff” it is illegal and you might face being arrested as well as being thrown out of the club and being banned for life.

Expect to be treated with civility and friendliness and to see a notice displaying the club's searching and complaints policy.




If you feel you have been ill-treated at our club, try to take down all the details as soon as possible, noting down the names/numbers/description of the people involved and the time of the incident.


If you are unhappy with a search, contact Release who will complain on your behalf.


•    Release Telephone Number: 020 7324 2989

•    E Mail Address: [email protected]