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Jaydees Membership Policy



Aims and Objectives:


The aim of this policy is to ensure that all club members, owners, event organisers and helpers details are kept safe and secure when involved in club activities.


Our objectives are…


1. To develop a consistent approach to collect only essential information required to hold membership of the club


2. To establish clear procedures and protocols that addresses and identifies members if issues in the club arise.


3. To keep all information held on members strictly private and confidential.


Jaydees Membership Policy:


We ask each applicant to prove their ID on their first visit to obtain membership. Accepted ID must be by a clear face picture, such as Drivers Licence or Passport.  These can be uploaded on to our membership form. A further separate piece of ID such as a utility bill to prove your address may be required to be brought with you when you attend.


We hope to make you feel comfortable in trusting us with your personal information and want to reassure you that we never share your details to any other party outside of the law, and then only in exceptional circumstances. Your details are collected for the safety and security of all members and are encrypted and held behind a firewall on a pass-coded stand alone computer at all times.


Bona Fide Tourists/visitors to the UK wanting to visit Jaydees can do by invite, please call us for details, you will need to provide your native passport to gain entry.




Jaydees has in place a strict policy on guests; please in all cases contact us prior to arriving with any guests.


Members may on Pre-approval bring a female, male or couple once they have received their newbie number after emailing us at [email protected]


All guests must be known to the members who are introducing them; No one will be admitted to the Party Venue without pre-registration of their details this includes unregistered guests or friends.


Members may only bring a guest once before they gain membership in their own right, you as the introducer must have attended yourself on a regular basis and are known to staff.


We apply this rule to ALL NEW MEMBERS, and apply NEW variations at times to existing members.


The responsibility of the behaviour of the guest rests with the member who brings them along.


Approval for further FULL membership for single males is not automatic. Verifictions are required from either exsisting club members or listed on their internet profile pages. Membership for single males does not guarantee entry to the club, we have the right to limit entrance to single gentlemen based on the ratio of couples/singles. All single males must ring to book in prior to attending. We work on a first come basis. Occassionally the type of event will dictate the guests list.


Couples and single female guests get automatic membership rights, subject to ID and acceptance.


If a single female brings a male guest and attend as a couple in a rout to reduce the entrance fee for a male, then we would expect them to stay as a couple and leave as a couple and at the same time. If the female partner leaves early, we have the right to ask the male to leave** or ask him to pay the difference between the couple and single male rates.


If you join as a couple the female gets automatic single female membership, therefore attending as a single female is optional, the male partner cannot attend the club on his own without a single male surcharge, entry only granted at our discretion on the night, you must have pre-granted permissions to attend as a single guy.


Members may re-apply to change their membership status at any time.


Membership can be declined without the need to give reason.


The Owners/Operators and Management, or Event Operator on the night, reserve the right to refuse entrance to the Party Venue without explanation.


No Persons under the Age of 21 years are allowed in to the Venue under any circumstances.










*Entry donations may vary on different event nights. The ones stated are for normal Saturday night events                        


**Subject to the single male ratios