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John Darlow

Fire Safety Policy – Statement of Intent


We recognise that a major fire could have a devastating effect on our business, Team Members and guests. Fire safety is, therefore, of paramount importance and, as a minimum, we aim to comply with legislative requirements and relevant British Standards relating to fire safety.


At Jaydees we are committed to taking all reasonable steps to protect our Team Members, guests, visitors and those in the vicinity of our club from the effects of fire. In doing so we will concentrate on fire prevention measures designed to eliminate or reduce fire hazards at Jaydees, thereby reducing the likelihood of a fire occurring.


The likelihood of fire can, however, never be totally removed. We will, therefore, also ensure that we have suitable fire detection, warning and protection measures in place, to afford the occupants of Jaydees sufficient time to safely evacuate the premises in the event of a fire.


We will take all practical steps to ensure that our Management Team are provided with the necessary support to effectively manage fire safety within the club. We will also provide the assistance and training necessary for all Team Members to competently fulfil their fire safety duties and responsibilities.


By means of the above measures, we will endeavour to ensure the fire hazards in Jaydees are no greater than would normally be expected and that the risks to life from fire are reduced to a tolerable level.


In return we expect our guests to contribute and comply with our fire safety procedures. You must ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, that you take care of your own safety, your friends and colleagues safety and that of anyone affected by what you do or fail to do at the club. In addition, you must not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of fire safety.


The responsibility for implementing the Fire Safety Policy lies with John, Tracy and Voluntary Team Members. We will plan and organise safe systems of work, maintain records and regularly review fire safety performance. These actions will enable us to reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring and minimise the effects in the event that one does.





Signed:                                           Date: 03/07/2014